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A new kind of business card.
Designed by QuickBusiness.

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Designed by QuickBusiness.
All on your phone.

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Your business. Your code. Your presence.

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One code. All your information.

Your QuickCode goes on the back of your QuickCard. One scan and customers are on your Business Profile.

Your Information.
Your Way.

You build your Business Profile, making it easy to make edits quickly, effectively and effortlessly.

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Make Your Business Stand Out.

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Know The Little Things


Stay in the know

QuickBusiness sends notifications about your Business Profile when it requires your attention. Notifications keep you updated on your business's review status as well.
* Push Notifications are only available on iOS.


One code to rule all your business information

QuickCodes are QR codes which represents your presence in our Phonebook. Create your code and share your code so your customers can scan and easily find you Business Profile in our Phonebook.


Many categories to choose from

We provide a wide range of subcategories to list your business in, with new subcategories added.


Your Data. Protected.

Your business information stays safe on your phone, requiring Face ID or Touch ID to access and edit your information.


Sign up in 2 minutes.

With our sign up form, it only takes 2 minutes to sign up your business.


Ground breaking technology

With technology advancing daily, so does our app. QuickBusiness like our Phonebook includes many features, you wouldn't find in most Barbadian apps.


Building amazing apps for amazing people.

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